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Why Choose VIP Charter?


Charter flights offer the convenience, privacy and flexibility that simply cannot be matched by commercial airlines.

Today, renting a helicopter or aeroplane is an excellent tool for managing your own time. Renting a helicopter or aeroplane gives you the opportunity to plan your time autonomously and not depend on the routes and schedules of airlines’ regular flights.

Of course, a helicopter or aeroplane rental offers maximum comfort and a number of privileges at the airport and during the flight.

We will be happy to offer you the best flight option and create a customised flight route.We will organize every stage of our customer’s journey, taking them literally from door to door. They can relax and rest reassured that they will arrive punctually, safe and in the most elegant way imaginable.
Should you choose to depart from an airport, you will be guided through baggage check at a private terminal by an executive handling agent and driven directly to the waiting aircraft for departure, so as to ensure immediately boarding without delay. If a helipad is chosen, the helicopter will be waiting at a time to suit you. Whether your business needs an aircraft to save considerable time avoiding the perils of ground transport or you are at leisure wanting to travel in ultimate style, Airpower has a private charter solution that will perfectly match your requirements.

By selecting Airpower, avoid unnecessary delays and coordination problems.

A complete and wide range of private helicopters or aeroplane that can combine maximum operating efficiency, simplicity of use and ultimate safety. Also, we make available to our customer a broad network of carriers that meet safety standards, defined by the security organization, offering more flight options, with the highest standards of comfort and coverage.

Convenience, flexibility, and access to crowded or remote locations are the main reasons why individuals and companies increasingly use helicopter or airplane chartering for business and personal use. Charter flights by helicopter or airplane operate according to the passenger’s schedule, allowing great flexibility and easy access to your destination. Charging helicopters and airplanes is a safe and easy way to transport.


Airpower is just a phone call away, we can offer you many customized services.


*Final confirmation is subject to aircraft availability at the time of booking.

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