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A Propeller jet or otherwise called a turboprop is a propeller aircraft which is powered by a jet engine. They generate low speed but at the same time they are affordable so they are popular in private jet charters. In fact, turboprops are available in all sizes. Specifically, there are the Small Propeller, the Medium Propeller and the Large Propeller categories. Their flight time varies according to their power and size, while their speed as mentioned is lower than the jet only equivalents aircrafts.

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The Very Light Jet has been recently classified in business aircrafts. Moreover, they have a maximum takeoff weight lighter than 5700 kg (2,500 pounds). To conclude these jets, have lower operation costs and they are most suitable for air taxi services. Speed: 600 – 700 km/h Range: Up to 2100 km Flight time: Up to 3 hours Capacity: 4 – 6 people

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Light jets are the most common in business jet industry since 1960. Their advantages are their easy access to small airports and their speed. In fact, they are intended to be used for flights up to three or four hours with up to ten passengers. Unfortunately, they don’t offer stand-up capacity in the aircraft cabin. Speed: 700 – 800 km/h Range: Up to 4000 km Flight time: Up to 5 hours Capacity: 6 – 10 people

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Mid-Size Jets are suitable for longer range travel than the light jets. Specifically, they are used in transcontinental flights and they have large passenger capacity which is up to 12 people. In addition, their headroom and their luggage room are improved and usually they have a separate washroom. Speed: 800 – 900 km/h Range: Up to 4600 km Flight time: Up to 6 hours Capacity: 6 – 12 people