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Airpower  Helicopter Charter in Greece, offers a safe, cost effective and highly convenient point to point travel option.

Travel anywhere the eye can take you by chartering a helicopter via Airpower.

Helicopter flights provide flexibility that fixed wing planes just can’t. Helicopters are among the most convenient, private & luxury ways of transportation. Whether you are traveling to a holiday’s destination, meeting or to a sporting event, Airpower helicopters charter can get you there quickly in comfort and without hassle. The convenience of flying direct to an exact destination is invaluable, and with our helicopter hire you can do so in comfort and style.

Charter a helicopter via Airpower and arrive at your destination safely & discreetly while impressing your travel companions and embracing an experience that will remain in your memory for many years to come.

At Airpower   we all want our customers to feel VIP.
We recognize and respect, however, the different needs or requirements that everyone can have:

  • Transfer from and to in the airport / heliport with limousine or mini bus.
  • Disposal second pilot on request.
  • Confidentiality Agreement (Non-disclosure agreement) on request.
    We tailor our service to your demands

Alternatively, Airpower can arrange landing locations near your departure and destination so you can get to your destination in time and without pressure.
When your jet arrives at the Airport and you continue with a helicopter with us, we will pick you up with limousine and take you straight to the helicopter. We will also take care of carrying your luggage.

Our Helicopters will travel you in a unique way to every destination you desire! The exceptional quality standard and professional highly trained staff turn your leisure or business trip into a personalized travel experience.

Avoid all those extra hours you spent in crowded airport terminals, delayed and cancelled flights. Let us eliminate all of the stress and aggravation of flying on commercial airlines
Furthermore, one of the most amazing experiences in Greece is to be able to visit locations of breathtaking beauty which are completely unapproachable by car.
Greece is a breathtaking country with thousands of islands & islets, providing unique experiences for helicopter exploration.
Airpower arranges the charter of a helicopter, having full knowledge of the market and offering a high level of professional service. Flying at any destination, choosing your time of departure and point of landing, Safely and Luxuriously.
A helicopter is especially suitable for short-range transport, point-to-point connections as well as sightseeing or scenic flights.
Helicopters are also excellent for medical evacuations and aerial photography shoots. The eminent advantage of helicopter flying is its flexibility.
Do you need to get to a hard-to-reach place quickly and reliably, or are you interested in a sightseeing flight?
If YES, then, based on these and other requirements, such as the number of passengers, luggage, preferences, etc., we will draw up a tailor-made charter offer for you. You can examine our charter offer in peace and discuss any outstanding questions together with us.
After all questions about your flight have been clarified, you will receive the order confirmation as well as an individually tailored flight manifest. This contains all the relevant information about your helicopter flight. This includes the current flight details, the name of the pilot, all contact information and directions.
We remain at your disposal until the end of your flight, having as our primary objective the highest standards of security the privacy of your personal, family and professional life.
We wish you a pleasant flight!

our Fleet

Agusta helicopter Air Power Aviation

AW109 Power

Seats: 1 crew 6+1 passengers / 2 crew if requested & 6 passengers
Enjoy a new traveling experience with the Agusta A109 Power. Fly for business or leisure to any destination in speed, style and safety.
Robinson R44


Seats: 1 crew 3 passengers
The Robinson 44 SX-HIT helicopter is a single engine powered helicopter. Moreover, it is reliable and offers a comfortable flight. Its capacity supports up to three passengers.
helicopter charter

Airbus H-355 F2

Seats: 1 crew 5 passengers
Airbus Helicopter H-355 is a twin engine six seat light utility helicopter popular worldwide and used in many types of operations. H-355 can be configured for both VIP transport and Commercial operations.

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