AirPower Aviation

Passenger Identification & Security Control

Recent regulations require for passengers flying with helicopters operating outside an airport to provide 24 hours prior flight, copies of their ID or passport.

All passengers are subject to ID and security control, prior to boarding the helicopter. Control may be effected by either the airport personnel or the Ground Handler’s personnel. In special cases, such as helicopters departing from private heliports, ID and security control may be effected by the flight crew.
The Captain reserve the right to scan the passengers and/or their luggage either by hand or by any available electronic means.
If a passenger refuses the above security control, he/she shall not embark the helicopter. The pilot may refuse to take aboard a passenger or luggage if he reasonably judges that the safety of the Flight is at risk. In case the Flight or any part thereof is cancelled due to any of the reasons prescribed in the provisions of the present article, the Air Company may withhold the Fare. All luggage shall be placed in the luggage compartment unless the pilot permits otherwise.