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Milos is an island in the Cyclades, shaped by its volcanic past to offer its visitors incredible beaches and an exotic beauty unlike any other island in Greecet, let the island quietly seduce you and enjoy the relaxing energy of Milos. Enjoy a private helicopter charter to and from Mylos island.


Milos or Melos is a volcanic Greek island in the Aegean Sea, just north of the Sea of Crete. Milos is the southwesternmost island in the Cyclades group. The Venus de Milo and the Asclepius of Milos were both found on the island, as were a Poseidon and an archaic Apollo now in Athens. 

Enjoy Private Flight to Milos

Private Helicopter

Enjoy a comfortable arrival to Milos with a private helicopter transfer service between Athens and Milos and vice-versa. Meet your pilot on the private helicopter launch pad, and soar up and away to see the Greek Islands and the Aegean Sea from the air. After 50 airborne minutes, touch down in Athens or Milos. Your private helicopter can seat up to 6 passengers.

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