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Ground Safety

During embarkation or disembarkation of a helicopter

All passengers boarding a helicopter, while the main rotor is operating, must be taught the safest way to do it.

Stay away from the back of the helicopter.

Approach the helicopter from the side, but never outside the line of sight of the pilot. Many helicopters have low main rotor wings due to forming of the landing gear. For this reason, it is unanimously accepted for staff to approach from the sides of the helicopter. Passengers should always be aware that they should not approach the helicopter from behind, because of the risk of the tail rotor wings.

Crouch while approaching or moving away from the helicopter.

Tools must be moved horizontally below the waist - Never upright or over the shoulder.

Hold tight hats and loose objects.

Never try to catch a hat or any other object which has been drifted away by the down-wash of the rotor.

Protect your eyes with your hands.

If suddenly blinded by dust or object due to the downwash, stop and bend down. It is even better to sit and wait for someone to help you.

Never fumble or try to find your way to or away from the helicopter by sensing but only by watching.

Protect your hearing by wearing earplugs.

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ground safety

Ground Safety