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Empty Legs – Seats

What is an empty leg flight?

Most people don’t realize when you buy a  trip on a private helicopter, there are  two legs (there and back to base); For example, when you fly from Athens to Mykonos, the helicopter drops you off and flies back empty. We believe that offering empty private helicopter leg or seats to those who would love to take that flight is a win-win situation. Empty leg flights can be available at up to 70 percent discount on the usual charter price. Always, the exact price is contingent on the route and whether or not use the airport due to handling fees.


Helicopter AW 109 E Normal cost Athens – Mykonos = at least 3700 euros

As an empty leg, this trip cost is 3700 X 70% discount = 1100 euros

Helicopter Robinson 44 Normal cost Athens – Mykonos = at least 2000 euros

As an empty leg, this trip cost is 2000 X 70%  discount = 600 euros

An empty leg is when an aircraft is flying empty on its way to pick up passengers or after dropping off passengers. These flights are trips that must go, whether empty or with clients either because another client has booked the aircraft or because the aircraft has to return to its operating base. Figure out, some client has a one-way flight on a route Athens – Mykonos. After delivering to the point of destination in Mykonos, the aircraft should return to the base in Athens, which means empty flight without passengers from Mykonos to Athens. An empty leg gives you the opportunity to make a flight much cheaper than in comparison with its nominal cost.
Nonetheless using empty legs requires some flexibility. For example, if the client whose flight created the empty leg opportunity cancels his flight, the empty leg no longer exists. In other words, the empty leg is contingent upon the plan of others.

How much do empty leg flights cost?

Chartering an empty leg flight is an opportunity to save up to 70% on your private helicopter flight price compared to a regular private helicopter charter service.
If you are flexible enough with your private flight dates and time, and you are seeking for a one-way flight, there are chances  you will find an empty leg flight matching your needs on the Airpower website. All the empty leg offers listed on our website have a start and an end date and time, this is the timeframe during which the empty leg flight is valid and available for charter. After its end date, the  helicopter will anyway have to take off to its next destination, to perform its next chartered flight.
If the initial empty leg offer does not match perfectly with your travel needs but the time-frame corresponds to your flight dates, make sure to contact Airpower  advisor to see if there is any possibility to re-route the empty leg flight. In some cases, the initial destination of the empty leg flight is not the destination you are looking for but is close enough to have the business helicopter re-routed. By modifying slightly, the empty leg initial flight plan, you can still save up to 50% on your private helicopter flight cost, compared to a regular  helicopter charter service.
However, if your private  helicopter travel needs are not flexible or if you are looking for a round trip flight, you might consider using Airpower on-demand private  helicopter services.

Empty Seats for Charter or Sightseeing  

You can pay by the seat not by the helicopter. This can be done especially on empty legs and of course οn sightseeing flights. Contact with us if you have any questions regarding your charter or sightseeing requests.

Cancellation policy

Clients must be flexible with their flight schedule in order to fully benefit from an available empty leg. Since empty leg flights originate from another customer, if the original customer changes his flight, the empty leg-seat will also be changed or even be cancelled.


An empty leg, or ferry flight, refers to a private  helicopter flying “empty” after dropping off passengers, or en route to pick up passengers. As the flight is already paid for, we offer significant discounts on these flights. Airpower can offer such prices when the empty leg of a private  helicopter matches your itinerary and timing exactly. This option is for one-way flights only.

Rerouted Empty Legs


If there are no empty leg flights for your exact itinerary and timing, Airpower will search its proprietary database to reroute an empty leg. This would be a private  helicopter that could make an additional stop to pick you up at your departure airport, drop you off at your destination airport or both. These stops incur an additional cost (landing fees, extra fuel).  Although greater than an empty leg price, a rerouted empty leg will always be much less expensive than a full fare on-demand private Charter price.