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With COVID-19 still looming amongst us we would like to express our dedication to your safety and comfort. Airpower respectfully acknowledges this and strives to uphold standards that are above protocol.
Airpower, in order to prevent the spread of Corona SARS-COV-2 (Covid-19) and minimize risks of disease transmission, will monitor the flow of passengers while aircraft and crew disinfection will take place before and after each flight. airpower


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airpower aviation

– Aircraft Disinfection will be complete through the use of ECO DrySan Oxy product which is Compatible with aircraft materials

-Masks, Antiseptic gel and Antiseptic -one use- towels will be available for all passengers and crew

-Crew is required by the law to report to the nearest Greek Quarantine Station any ill passengers who meet specified criteria. The ill passenger should be reported before arrival or as soon as the illness is noted. Quarantine officials will help for appropriate medical assistance to be available upon arrival and will notify state and local health departments and all involved official departments. 

If everyone works responsibly, we reduce the spread of infections!

Updates Regarding COVID-19 Coronavirus

Welcome to Greece!

Dear Traveler,

We welcome you to Greece and hope you enjoy a wonderful and unforgettable holiday experience.

On behalf of the Greek Government and the Greek Ministry of Tourism, we would like to inform you that we have done everything in our power to make sure you stay safe during your stay in Greece. Your health is our absolute priority.

ενοικιαση ελικοπτερου

Greece is opening its borders gradually.

Greece is opening its borders gradually, in a safe and doable manner. The first stage, from the 19th of April, has some limitations compared to the generalized opening. In the following paragraphs, we describe what applies as of the 19th of April. Information relating to the generalized opening, which will be affected as of the 14th of May, will be announced in due time.