AirPower Aviation

About Us

Airpower is an air charter company located in Greece supplying  private helicopter & airplane charter.

Our management is continuously looking for ways to elevate and provide airworthiness services that are carried out according to the regulations of the European Aviation Safety Agency (E.A.S.A.). charter

All operations are carried through by highly experienced managers & pilots that we have strategically and selectively handpicked. All of Airpowers staff from A to Z has had a direct connection in the aviation business in their careers. We want to impress on you there is nothing we have not overcome or achieved that has interrupted our progressive and dynamic aspirations for our company.

 We are experts in providing specialized helicopter & airplane rental services.

In today’s fast-moving business world, time is one of the most valuable assets. Airpower aviation enables you to fly in your own private aircraft with leisure, allowing you in selectively creating your own schedule.

Airpower is committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations.  

Airpower holds an AOC certificate (E.A.S.A No 060) and operates VIP and commercial flights only under AOC. We are certified and fly according to the latest strictest European Regulations.

We operate our own CAMO (EL.MG.0079 Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization). charter

airpower aviation

… know what it means safety, security, discretion and trust!

Our primary responsibility is ensuring the safety of you and your passengers.
Airpower’s safety culture is derived from a Safety Management System that is an organization-wide, comprehensive, and preventive approach to managing safety. It includes a safety policy, formal methods for identifying hazards and mitigating risk, and provides assurance of Airpower’s overall safety performance.

Exhaustive inspection of the aircraft and continuous monitoring of its airworthiness, closely selection of highly experienced pilots, detailed forecasting of the weather conditions regarding the flight route as well as carefully choosing suitable landing sites are not only necessary but also non-negotiable commitments of our corporate and social responsibility, aiming in building a relationship of trust with our partners and customers; however there is a huge range of processes inextricably linked to the procedural functions of Airpower which precede, go along and follow every flight, focusing on flight safety.

We will look after all your requirements, efficiently and with the greatest attention to every detail. Our clients, their families, and those in charge of their security wholeheartedly agree.
For us, there is no compromise

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide you with a superior service on a quality product at a low margin. We in turn profit on large volume instead.
Fairness in Pricing and Personalized Service: We take a long-term approach to our business and believe that fairness in pricing and offering the most personalized service in the business will ensure long-term relationships with our clients….and it’s working.
We have an experienced team of aviation professionals that understands the private aircraft business and how to secure the very best private charter deals for you.

Our Principles

The Airpower development strategy is based on these key principles:

Discretion: On desires of trips and visitors.
Personal Service: We give you personalized attention.
Accountability: We stand behind our word and hold ourselves responsible for your needs.
Supporting customers over the long-term through a strong after-sales activity.
Safety: We uphold the most stringent standards in our industry.
Luxury: Extraordinary luxury for those who demand the best.

All its strategic choices are made in accordance with the Airpower values, Ethics Code and Environment and Risk Management Charter.


AOC Certificate AIRPOWER