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AirPower Aviation

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AirPower Aviation

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AirPower Aviation

airpower aviation

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Rent a helicopter Air power Aviation

Rent a Helicopter

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Sightseeing Flights

Watch the best scenery of Greece from above

Book your flight in 4 simple steps

Step 1
Flight Quotation or Calling
You may use the Flight Quotation Form through our website, so as to provide us with the detailed information of your journey simply and quickly via e-mail at [email protected] either call us on a 24-hour basis on +30 697 7611926
Step 2
Quotation Approval
Following your request, we will send a detailed flight quotation to you via email, according to the details you provide. At this point your request gets queued but your flight is not considered booked. Should you agree with our offer, then please respond positively to our email, including the passenger names, ID or passport numbers and their contact numbers and then proceed to the payment procedure.
Step 3
Pay your flight
Payment procedure is simple and can be accomplished in three ways for your ease.
1. Payment via bank transfer (Wire Transfer)
2. Payment by credit card online or offline.
3. Cash before the flight.
Step 4
Enjoy your flight
Upon completion of the above procedure, which includes your positive response to our quotation and commitment or deposit of the corresponding amount, your booking has been successfully completed. Please bear in mind that in case steps 2 & 3 are not completed, your flight will not be considered as booked from our company.

Welcome to Airpower Aviation

Airpower would like to warmly welcome you to our website, our company is designed to aid you in finding the most efficient solutions to your travel plans.

We find anyone needing a helicopter shows that their time matters, and their environment is of utmost importance to them. airpower aviation

With COVID-19 still looming amongst us we would like to express our dedication to your safety and comfort. Airpower respectfully acknowledges this and strives to uphold standards that are above protocol.

Airpower, in order to prevent the spread of Corona SARS-COV-2 (Covid-19) and minimize risks of disease transmission, will monitor the flow of passengers while aircraft and crew disinfection will take place before and after each flight airpower aviation

-Aircraft Disinfection will be complete through the use of ECO DrySan Oxy product which is Compatible with aircraft materials

-Masks, Antiseptic gel and Antiseptic -one use- towels will be available for all passengers and crew

-Crew is required by the law to report to the nearest Greek Quarantine Station any ill passengers who meet specified criteria. The ill passenger should be reported before arrival or as soon as the illness is noted. Quarantine officials will help for appropriate medical assistance to be available upon arrival and will notify state and local health departments and all involved official departments. airpower aviation

rent an airplane

Our Vision

Our vision embodies the essence of who we are!

Everything we do, every detail we emphasize reflects our commitment to our customers satisfaction.

The passion of aviation drives us to be innovative, and in constant motion of elevating our skills and operating to our highest elevation. airpower aviation


Our Mission

Airpower has and will maintain a dedication in improving our services and safety levels. airpower aviation

We continuously look for new ways to improve our flight safety, and of course our customer service levels by:

  • Expanding our capabilities
  • Increasing our efficiency
  • Our pilot’s education is continuously updated by Europeans standards

Thus, raising our overall standard of excellence. Hairpower aviationelicopter Charter


We encourage you to take a tour of our website.

If you are interested in flying with us, do not hesitate request a charter QUOTE NOW!

Now is a great time to charter a private helicopter or airplane with Airpower Aviation.

Your Safety is our Priority

Air Safety
Ground Safety